An event such of this magnitude could not remain successful without the wonderful and generous involvement of so many parent volunteers from all of our schools.


The present Shanley Deacon Dinner Auction is comprised of Committee Chairs and volunteers and there always remains a need and an invitation to involve as many of our school community members within this structure.  And there is something for everyone to contribute:

- Solicitation Committee (Volunteers and Chairs)

- Cash Donor Group Solicitation Chairs

- Data Entry Volunteers

- Display & Arrangement (Volunteers and Chairs)

- Silent Auction (Volunteers and Chairs)

- Buy-In Party Chairs

- Raffle/Paddle/Auction Ambassador Chairs

- Auction Ambassadors (Senior Shanley Students)

- Junior Runners (Junior Shanley Students)


For more information regarding personal involvement in the annual Deacon Dinner Auction & Gala, contact Special Events Coordinator, Liz Bassett.


Phone: 701-893-3242

Email: specialeventsl@jp2schools.org